Features That Make An Awesome Frame


Clean frame design keeps you looking professional
and stylish while working or playing video games!


A soft like material that will allow for long use


Stealth chord holder option, allows for on and
off while dangling from your neck. Some times
you need them, sometimes you don’t.
(Chord included)


European Spring Hinges, designed to
add comfort and a customized fit!


Lens Technology & Construction

  • Patented Blue Light Blocking Technology
  • 3 Layers of Anti-Reflective Coating
  • UV400 Lens Protection
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Premium TR-90 material construction
  • European spring hinges
  • Broad range of diopters

27 reviews for THE OBSERVANT – P302 Black On Gunmetal

  1. Brian

    Quality wise it is extremely light and sturdy. Delivery happened a day before it was supposed to be delivered. Only 2 days since started using, hope will get good results

  2. Brad

    Satisfied buyer here! The blue lenses work incredibly! I used to get a headache while working on the laptop, but after I started using these glasses my headache was gone. Delivered in just 4-5 days.

  3. Greg

    The product is awesome! It really helps with working long hours on the laptop. And it is stylish for sure!

  4. Terry

    Cool fit, really helps my eyes A LOT.

  5. Larry

    15 days of usage and my eyes are feeling great!

  6. Simon

    Totally worth the price!

  7. Henry

    Light weigh and trendy design, quick delivery, comfortable fitting. Definitely has a positive effect on my eyes.

  8. Tim

    Its pretty good…works well..liked it

  9. Alex

    I work on the computer all day long, so I needed these glasses. Saves the day every day! I got a pair for my girlfriend as well!

  10. Andy

    Classy sexy look comfortable fitting comfortable feeling. Can’t say if it has any effect on my eyes yet, been wearing only for 3 days.

  11. Mathew

    Excellent performance all over. Thanks a ton!

  12. Sam

    My eyes are feeling much better while working on the laptop, especially in the night.

  13. Daniel

    Order, relax and sit back and rest! Movdblue will make sure to deliver the best of the product at your doorstep and that too in no time! THANK YOU GUYS FOR AMAZING SERVICES!

  14. Jack

    Does work! My eyes stopped hurting in the end of the day! Apart from that the glasses look sleek and fit perfect. Love it!

  15. Andrew

    My first purchase of the computer glass segment. Very well suited for working before the computer for long hours. Eyes feel noticeably less strained, pain and fatigue are gone. Loving it!

  16. Chad

    I just love them, so trendy and useful while working on screens all day

  17. Steve

    Got it for my son, he’s gaming all day long. These are claiming to protect eyes from blue rays. Let’s see… So far, so good.

  18. Pete

    A must have companion for people who are working from home at the moment. Definitely does the job it claims.

  19. Nathan

    Good quality, very fast shipping, got it within 3-4 days… Main thing is this lens helps me a lot from Headache, Eye pain etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  20. Peter

    I am very happy with the product. It is light weighted and very comfortable. Works miracles on my eyes. Pain and fatigue are gone!

  21. Paul

    These are very comfortable when working on computers or watching TV. My eyes aren’t tired any more!

  22. William

    It was my first ever order here. I am totally satisfied without any regret. Delivery is very fast. Received the glasses same as shown here. Love the style, looks good on me. Really helps when I’m working on my computer!

  23. Finn

    Looks sturdy and soothes my visions.

  24. Dan

    Really good looking glasses. Extremely comfortable. Put it on each time I turn on my laptop. My constant eye fatigue is completely gone. Why haven’t I got these earlier?!

  25. Matt

    Cool look! Light weight, comfortable fit. I’ve been wearing it for good 3 weeks, must say it definitely works. Used to have headache by the end of the way, it’s gone! Eyes are feeling clear and fresh even after 4-6 hours of work. Go for it!

  26. Anna

    Absolutely awesome! Been using it for the past 2 weeks. My eye pain is gone completely. Don’t feel eye fatigue though I work 12-15 hours a day on my laptop! Take my word for it: go for it, you won’t regret!

  27. Roger

    Thought of buying it for a long time, finally got it! Well, frames quality is excellent, lenses are also good. Really a major difference!

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